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About us

Sensoreal is an early-stage medtech startup developing instrument-free products to read host immunity status from a few drops of blood in less than 15 minutes. In a significant improvement over lateral flow, our capillary circuits enable [LOD 20 pg/ml, CV 9.8%] for the detection of low abundance proteins. As an example of one target application, our technology was successfully deployed on the International Space Station in 2019 to measure five inflammatory/cytokine biomarkers. For the first application, we are collaborating with Health Canada to develop a rapid test for screening and triage of patients with undifferentiated breathlessness and to help physicians to better guide therapy using host-response biomarkers.

Sensoreal is developing a blood test that will quickly analyze the immune response of patients with active respiratory infections.

Program engagement


Pooya Saberi

CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Roozbeh Safavieh

CSO, Co-Founder

Kate Turner

CTO, Co-Founder


Intellectual Property