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The SanteSuite platform offers a highly efficient technological solution to health regions to provide rapid patient registration, duplication detection, and immunization management on a large (national) scale. Collecting all of this information digitally allows for advanced near real-time reporting, visualization and analytics, as well as the opportunity for advanced applications such as outbreak prediction using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Adopting an “offline first” intelligent networking design caters to underserviced environments such as the far north, indigenous communities, and low and middle income (LMIC) countries. SanteSuite is aligned with UN sustainable development goals and global thought leaders to develop national scale immunization systems for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

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Duane Bender

Co-founder and Director

Madeline Barber Dal Molin

Co-founder and Director

Joseph Dal Molin

Co-founder and Director

Justin Fyfe

Co-founder and Director


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