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About us

PROVA Innovations Ltd. is a medical technology company, headquartered in Ontario, Canada. PROVA specializes in the development of wearable technology solutions for in-home GAIT training and neuromuscular rehabilitation for patients with a brain injury, neurological disorder, degenerative disease, or a mobility challenge. Their WithinStride® suite of smart wearables act as both a clinical gait lab & physical trainer on the go. Through sensory biofeedback, PROVA’s products uniquely encourage at-home exercise and walking habits proven to promote good joint health.

As part of the SOPHIE program, PROVA Innovations is working in partnership with Mohawk College’s mHealth & eHealth Development and Innovation Centre (MEDIC), towards the development of a mobile app and cloud services for their WithinStride® line of wearables.”

PROVA is working on a second SOPHIE project in partnership with McMaster University. The company is conducting clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy and precision of WithinStride® wearables for patients with diverse conditions, including knee osteoarthritis, compared to other commercial gait measurement systems.

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PROVA Innovations Ltd.


Matthew Rosato

President and Founder