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About us

Ocular Mobile Innovations is developing a hand-held, non-contact optical platform that can address a wide range of growing public demand for non-invasive screening for conditions such as brain trauma, intoxication, fatigue and vision problems. Our solutions target point of care and community-based screening. Devices require minimal training, provide on the spot results in minutes, and can operate in most everyday environments. Screening is based on quantitative measurements of autonomous nervous system responses which are objective and cannot be manipulated by the subject.

With the support of Mohawk College, Ocular Mobile will develop a non-invasive product prototype that screens for cognitive loss impacting performance in safety-sensitive sectors such as transportation, oil and gas, mining, construction, and aviation.

Program engagement

Ocular Mobile Innovations Inc.


Rejean Munger

Co-founder, CEO, CTO

Peter Ostapchuk

Founder, President, CFO

Nicole Loreto

Founder, VP Comunication

Peter Campbell

Founder, VP Commercialization


Intellectual Property