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About us

Our product AutoScribe uses AI to analyze patient-doctor conversations in real-time to automatically generate high-quality medical notes, saving up to 20% of a doctor’s current work-time.

Problem: Doctor burnout and major clinical inefficiencies due to onerous administrative tasks such as medical charting (note taking).
Solution: AutoScribe automatically generates the medical notes in real-time, so the doctor is liberated to work on more worthwhile clinical activities.
Differentiators: Our tool outperforms the competition at a lower cost. We prioritize transparency regarding scientific credibility and appropriate use of medical data which builds trusting and sticky relationships with our clients.

We are raising $1.5M in the form of a convertible note to develop key workflow features, to robustly dominate our niche clinical market with a thoughtfully developed sales and marketing strategy, and to build more integrations with different electronic medical record software providers.

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Serena Jeblee

Chief AI officer


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