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About us

Koble is a digital health and well-being platform for new and expecting parents. Our mobile app and team of multidisciplinary experts help parents feel supported and educated throughout fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and return-to-work. Koble’s 1:1 expert support and over 50 expert-led courses help families navigate the early days of parenthood feeling less anxious and more supported.

We work with:
– Employers to offer end-to-end family and career support to employees.
– Digital health companies to develop tailored solutions, integrations, and licensing options.
– Fertility clinics to help establish continuity of care and improve access to evidence-based resources in early pregnancy and loss.
– Healthcare professionals and providers to bridge the gaps between in-person, virtual, and digital health.

We are a community of parents and health experts, helping families find knowledge that nurtures. We’re on a mission is to improve the health, happiness and confidence of all parents.

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Swati Matta

Founder & CEO

Muriel Haldenby

Head of Product Design

Dr. Yolanda Kirkham

Chief Medical Officer

Bryan Bell-Smith

Head of Engineering


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