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About us

Altis Labs is the AI-powered computational imaging company advancing precision medicine.

We believe that medical imaging, making up 90% of all healthcare data, is the richest source of clinical insight but is vastly underutilized. Trained on the world’s largest cancer imaging database, our deep learning models predict patient outcomes to measure treatment effect more accurately.

Leading biopharmaceutical companies use our AI-powered imaging biomarker platform, Nota, to analyze clinical trial imaging data in a more meaningful way, allowing them to accelerate and de-risk all stages of clinical development.

Based in Toronto, a city recognized for its deep learning research and renowned medical institutions, our multi-disciplinary team is on a mission to guide personalized treatment and help patients get access to the most effective therapies sooner.

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Altis Labs Inc.


Felix Baldauf-Lenschen

Co-Founder and CEO

Sally Daub

Co-Founder and President

Duoaud Shah

VP of Clinical Partnerships

Reid Lobson

Chief of Staff


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